In Case of Emergency



Direct service to 9-1-1 from cell phones is limited and may have extended delays. It is best to contact your local law enforcement dispatch in case of an emergency. Store their phone number in your cell phone contacts!

If you have a medical emergency or suspect criminal activity at your property, please call 9-1-1 or your local law enforcement agency first.  
When you call 9-1-1: 
  • Speak as clearly and calmly as you can
  • Give information on the location (know your address)
  • Give information on the emergency
  • Answer questions as best you can
  • Stay on the phone until emergency services arrive

Call 9-1-1 in case of: 

  • Any life-threatening situation
  • Criminal activity
  • Urgent medical help required
  • Road accidents
  • Serious personal injury
When in doubt, call 9-1-1
REMEMBER:  Tying up 9-1-1 lines for non-emergency purposes can prevent them from quickly responding to a real emergency and could be putting someone’s life in danger.
Repair Emergency  
  • For any non-emergency situations call 510-538-8789 Ext. 16 (Repair Line)
  • If calling during non buisness hours leave a message one of our Administaration Asssistants will call you the next buisness day
  • If calling during non buisness hours for severe plumbing leaks that can resort to property damage please call Lisa (510) 301-2624