Resident Information

Maintenance issues happen.
It is best to call our office as soon as a maintenance need is recognized, not only for your comfort and safety, but also to minimize damage to the property.
During business hours: Call our office at 510.538.8789

After hours: Call our office 510.538.8789, dial extension 16 and leave your name, telephone number, full address, and the nature of your maintenance issue. Make sure to speak slowly and clearly. Your call will be returned promptly on the next business day.
You may also fill out a Maintenance Request form and email it to Lisa Perrault at

Maintenance Emergencies: If you are experiencing a severe plumbing issue that involves leaks that could result in damage to the property, please call: 

   Lisa Perrault at (510) 301-2624 (for emergencies only)

Electricity or gas concerns involving heaters, water heaters, or blown out pilot lights call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000.

Safety concerns: please call your local law enforcement agency. 

Pay your rent online: Click here for instructions.